block fragment command


block fragment <keyword> <range>

Primary keywords:

compute    fill-extra    fill-group    dump

Commands for computing and manipulating fragment data as described below.


Computes the set of fragments in a model. A fragment is defined as a group of blocks connected by intact subcontacts. An intact subcontact is a subcontact that has not failed in tension or shear (state = 0) and has a non-zero cohesion or tensile strength. If any subcontact between two blocks is intact, then the blocks are considered part of the same fragment.

fill-extra i

Put fragment numbers into block extra variable index i (if the slot is omitted, the command uses i = 1 by default).

fill-group slot s <maximum i >

Takes the computed fragments and assigns block group names in group slot s. This is done to enable plotting of fragments in different colors. The optional keyword maximum-groups sets the maximum number of groups to i. If the number of fragments is greater than i, then the group names will repeat.

dump <filename s >

Outputs information associated with the fragments to a file with file name s (default = “fragments.txt”). Currently the fragment number, fragment volume, fragment surface area and number of blocks in the fragment is output.