rblock thermal attribute command


rblock thermal attribute keyword ... <range>

Primary keywords:

expansion    power-applied    specific-heat    temperature    temperature-increment

Set the value of rigid block thermal attributes. This command is a synonym for the rblock thermal initialize command. Individual attributes can be listed with the rblock thermal list command, and all rigid block thermal attributes can be visualized.


Similar to rigid block attributes and properties, there is a fundamental distinction between rigid block thermal attributes and rigid block thermal properties. Rigid block thermal attributes are characteristics of the thermal rigid blocks, such as temperature or power.

expansion f [rbtmodblock]

thermal expansion coefficient

power-applied f [rbtmodblock]

applied power

specific-heat f [rbtmodblock]

specific heat

temperature f [rbtmodblock]


temperature-increment f [rbtmodblock]

temperature increment since last mechanical coupling

rblock thermal attribute Keyword Block

The following keywords may be used to modify the base value supplied. expansion, power-applied, specific-heat, temperature and temperature-increment.

add f

Add f to the existing value.

gradient v

Apply a linear gradient in each of the axes directions starting at the origin.

gradient-x f

Apply a linear gradient in the x-direction starting at the origin.

gradient-y f

Apply a linear gradient in the y-direction starting at the origin.

gradient-z f (3D ONLY)

Apply a linear gradient in the z-direction starting at the origin.

multiply f

Multiply the existing value by f.

replace f

Replace the existing value with f.