m := struct.node.resultant(p<,ires>)

Get stress resultants last calculated for the elements connected to this node.

Will return a 6x1 matrix of the stress resultants in this order: { \(M_x\), \(M_y\), \(M_{xy}\), \(N_x\), \(N_y\), \(N_{xy}\), } URGENT: DR: previous braced expression was flagged like this: :flag2:-{ M_x,M_y,M_xy,N_x,N_y,N_xy }- : why?]. Note that the \(Q_x\) and \(Q_y\)1 terms are not valid at nodes because they are constant over an element.

Stress resultants are expressed in the node surface system; see the structure shell recover surface, structure geogrid recover surface, and structure liner recover surface commands.

If the optional argument ires is provided, then the function will return that specific stress resultant (indexed as the order above) as a single value.

Note that stress resultants must be calculated with the structure shell recover, structure geogrid recover, and structure liner recover command. See also the function.


m - a 6x1 matrix of all stress resultants, or a single value of a specific resultant


p - a pointer to a structural element node

ires - an optional argument indicating a specific resultant index, from 1 to 6