b := gp.isgroup(gp,s<,slot>)

Check if the group name s is associated with the zone gridpoint gp. By default, this checks if there is a match in any slot, but if the slot argument is specified, it will return a match only in that slot. Note that this function will return a match if any zone or zone face connected to the gridpoint contains that group name, as well as the gridpoint itself. Use of the group logic is described in Groups.

A group pointer and a slot index may be provided instead of a string. This is more efficient, which may be significant if this call is being made a large number of times. See the group.find and group.find.slot functions.


b - true if a match was found, false otherwise


gp - a gridpoint pointer

s - the group name to check against

slot - an optional slot specification; if not given, the slot Default is assumed