t := zone.tet.strain.rate(z<,ioverlay><,itetra>)

Get the zone tetra strain rate based on the current velocity field.

If ioverlay is specified (an integer from 1 to 2) then only the strain rates of the tetra of that overlay are returned. If itetra is specified as well, then only the strain rates of that specific tetra is returned.

The total number of tetra in each overlay depends on the zone type (brick, degenerate-brick, wedge, pyramid, or tetrahedron).

See also the functions zone.overlays and zone.tet.num.


t - zone tetra strain rate tensor or value


z - zone pointer

ioverlay - optional overlay index of the tetra, from 1 to 2

itetra - optional index of the tetra in the overlay, from 1 to 5 for a brick zone type.