geometry separate command


geometry separate <name s > keyword <range>

Primary keywords:

by-closed-volume    by-connected    by-group

Separate polygons into sets. Individual sets are created out of each group of polygons that fit the desired separation criteria. For instance, a geometry set containing two polygons are split into two separate geometry sets. The geometry set names will be s with an integer count appended (e.g., if s = fred, then one set will be named fred1 and the other will be fred2). If the name keyword is not given, then the current set name is used.

The following separation criteria are supported:


Attempts to separate polygons into collections that form closed watertight volumes.


Separates polygons into collections that are connected across edges.


Separates polygons into collections sharing the same group name. Note that polygons may end up in multiple sets if they share group names in multiple slots.