fish list command


fish list keyword

List FISH-related quantities.


List all FISH arrays that have been created.


A basic list of all global FISH symbols.


List the FISH functions that have been added to be executed as callbacks (i.e., with the fish callback command).


List the callback events that have been registered. For instance, the solve_complete event is a registered callback event. [CS: is the base list of events shown anywhere??]

code <s >

List the FISH pseudo-code generated after parsing FISH syntax. If a specific symbol s is provided, only the code for that specific function is listed. Otherwise the pseudo-code for all functions will be listed.

contents s

For FISH values of an aggregate type (arrays, matrices, structures, maps, etc.) this will list the contents of the type in a structured way.

intrinsics <sfrag >

List the complete set of FISH intrinsics, both built-in and custom intrinsics created with the C++ Plugin option. If the string sfrag is given, only those intrinsics that contain sfrag in the name will be listed.


List of all memory objects allocated. See the FISH function memory.create.


List defined FISH structures, including their member names and values.


List the value of the symbol named s. If the symbol is a variable, the current value is listed. If the symbol is a function, the return value is listed and the function is executed. Remember to use the @ character at the start of the symbol name (e.g., @s).


List all FISH symbols.