model new command


model new <force>

Clear model-state information. Model information is cleared, allowing one to begin a new problem. The optional force keyword suppresses the model reset confirmation dialog (which will normally appear if the model has changed since the last save when the command is used).

Values associated with the project or program state are unaffected by the model new command. See the project new command and the c program commands.

Model-state information includes any defined FISH functions and variables, histories, and tables.

The entire model state can be written to a file via the model save command for subsequent recovery via the model restore command. Alternatively, a FISH function can write data to a file (see File Utilities), and a different FISH function (created after the model new command is executed) can read back that data.


When running several different problems from a called file, the model new command must be given before each new problem.

The model state comprises the following data.

  • all model objects and all custom data stored with them (in extra variables)
  • all auxiliary entities (geometries, DFNs, etc.)
  • all intermediate model objects (extrusion sets and building block sets in FLAC3D, clump templates in PFC, etc.)
  • all current FISH symbols and values

When the model state is cleared by use of the model new command, all of the above is completely cleared from memory.