table import command


table s import sfile

Read file sfile into table s.

The file must be formatted as described below. The extension “.tab” is assumed if not supplied as part of sfile. The file’s contents become a new table added to any existing table data.

The file sfile must be formatted and organized as follows:

Line 1: The string on this line is a convenience for indicating the contents of the file. It serves no purpose on import, but it must be present.

Line 2: Two white space separated values are supplied. The first indicates the number of items on the table. The second, most commonly 0.0, indicates the interval between values on the table. When the interval is specified as 0.0, then pairs of values are assumed to follow.

Line 3-N: If the interval in Line 2 is 0.0, then pairs of (\(x\),\(y\)) values are given. If the interval is non-zero, a single set of \(y\)-values is supplied, the \(x\)-value of the first item is assumed to be 0.0, and the value of each succeeding item will be the value of the preceding item plus the interval value.

Table with 0.0 x-interval
(paired floats supplied)

UpBnd_Long UpBnd_Long
11 0.0
-5.500000e+01 -1.700000e-02
-4.500000e+01 -1.600000e-02
-3.500000e+01 -1.400000e-02
-2.500000e+01 -1.200000e-02
-1.500000e+01 -1.000000e-02
-5.000000e+00 -7.000000e-03
 0.000000e+00 -5.000000e-03
 5.000000e+00 -4.000000e-03
 1.500000e+01 -2.000000e-03
 2.500000e+01 -1.000000e-03
 4.500000e+01  0.000000e+00

Table with x-interval of -2.4
(only \(y\)-values supplied)

The First Ten
10 -2.4