cmat add command


contact cmat add <i > keyword ... range

Primary keywords:

inheritance    mechanical    method    model    property    proximity    thermal

Adds a new entry to the CMAT. If i is not specified or if i is greater than the total number of entries minus one, then the new entry is added to the end of the CMAT; otherwise, the new entry is inserted at slot i (i>0) while incrementing subsequent entry indices as necessary. The range token is mandatory and must be specified last.

By default, only mechanical contacts are considered.

The information in the entry is specified with the following keywords.

inheritance s b ...

The inheritance for the contact model property s is set to b.


Apply to mechanical contacts.

method sm <sa a> ...

The contact model method sm, along with its specific list of argument names and values, is registered with this CMAT entry and will be invoked at contact creation.

model keyword

Specify the contact model. The list of built-in mechanical contact models is given in the “Built-in Contact Models” section. Users may also implement custom contact models (see “User-Defined Contact Models” for further information) and register them in the CMAT.


Specify the Adhesive Rolling Resistance Linear Model contact model.


Specify the Bilinear Contact Model contact model.


Specify the Burger’s Model contact model.


Specify the FISH Model contact model.


Specify the Flat-Joint Model contact model.


Specify the Hertz Model contact model.


Specify the Hysteretic Model contact model.


Specify the Linear Model contact model.


Specify the Linear Contact Bond Model contact model.

lineardipole (3D ONLY)

Specify the Linear Dipole Model contact model.


Specify the Linear Parallel Bond Model contact model.


Specify the Null Model contact model.


Specify the Rolling Resistance Linear Model contact model.


Specify the Smooth-Joint Model contact model.


Specify the Soft-Bond Model contact model.

property s a<inheritance b > ...

The contact model property named s is set to a. If the inheritance keyword is specified, the inheritance for this property is set to b.

proximity fd

The detection distance is set to fd.


Apply to thermal contacts.