wall velocity-conveyor command


wall velocity-conveyor keyword ... <range...>

Primary keywords:

point    spin

Assign a rotational conveyor velocity to facets. This command handles the general case of rotation of an axis symmetric wall (e.g., cylindrical drum) about its axis of symmetry. The wall does not rotate but the facet conveyor velocities are set so that the wall’s apparent behavior is rotation. In cases where the tangential velocity calculated at the centroid of a facet is not parallel to the facet face, the conveyor velocity is set to the projection of the tangential velocity onto the plane of the facet. Use the wall attribute command to explicity set the conveyor velocity.

point vpos

The point about which the calculation of the tangential velocity at the facet centroid is calculated.

spin fspinx fspiny fspinz (y- and z- components are 3D ONLY)

The angular velocity in radians per second.