block vtk command


block vtk keyword <range>

Primary keywords:

displacements    zone-extra    gridpoint-extra    forces    groups    model-fluid    model-mechanical    model-thermal    pore-pressure    stresses    temperatures    velocities    filename

Controls if and what values are exported from block zones to a VTK file. The values being exported by default are stresses, groups, and displacements.

displacements b

displacement vectors at gridpoints

zone-extra b <index i >

extra variables with index i at zones

gridpoint-extra b

extra variables with index i at gridpoints

forces b

unbalanced force information at gridpoints, including the last local force ratio.

groups b <slot s >

include group assignments to zones int the slot s in the vtk file

model-fluid b <prop s >

include the fluid property s in the vtk file

model-mechanical b <prop s >

include the mechanical property s in the vtk file

model-thermal b <prop s >

include the thermal property s in the vtk file

pore-pressure b

pore pressure values at gridpoints

stresses b

average stresses in each zone. Note that the internal tetra stresses are never exported.

temperatures b

temperature values at gridpoints

velocities b

velocity vectors at gridpoints

filename s

specify the name of the vtk file