fracture cluster command


fracture cluster keyword ...

Primary keywords:

group-slot    intersection-set

Compute fracture clusters. Clusters are defined as sets of fractures connected via intersections. These sets of fracture are indexed, and group names are assigned based on the indices. Intersections are created via the fracture intersections compute command. If either no intersection set is specified or the specified intersection set does not exist, a new intersection set is created and all intersections between fractures are delineated; the resulting intersection set is used as the basis for the cluster calculation.

group-slot s

Assign group names in slot s. Use of the group logic is described in the Groups topic. The group name is based on the intersection set name. The group name is set to cnameXX, where cname is the intersection set name and XX is the cluster index. By default, s = Default.

intersection-set s

Specify the intersection set name used for cluster calculation. If no intersection set is specified a new intersection set is created with name name intersectionsXX, where XX is the next available intersection set ID. All intersections are subsequently computed.

Usage Example

The following example in 3D illustrates how the fracture cluster command can be used to calculate the clusters of fractures and assign groups for visualization purposes. In this example, fractures are generated at the percolation threshold (i.e., when one of the clusters connects all the system boundaries). Then, clusters are calculated and assigned to groups with name allXX, with XX the cluster index. Note that fractures assigned the group all0 are isolated in that they do not intersect with any other fractures.

model new
model random 10000
model domain extent -5 5
;Generate fractures using the default template
fracture generate generation-box -8 8 -8 8 -8 8 ...
                  connectivity-threshold box -5 5 -5 5 -5 5
;Compute intersections
fracture intersection compute intersection-set 'all'
;Calculate clusters based on the intersections
fracture cluster intersection-set 'all' group-slot 'cluster'
program return 

See Also: fracture connectivity | fracture intersections compute | fracture prune