fracture group command


fracture group s keyword <range>

Primary keywords:

remove    slot

Specify fracture group names. Use of the group logic is described in Groups. By default, s is assigned to the default slot Default. Use the remove keyword to remove s from all slots.


Remove s from all slots.

slot slot

Assign group s to the slot named slot. By default, slot Default is used.

Usage Example

The following example in 3D illustrates how the fracture group command can be used to split fractures into two groups: large and small.

model new
model random 10000
model domain extent -5 5 
;Define the range
fish define mylarge(dummy,frac)
	if fracture.area(frac)>4
		mylarge = 1
;Generate fractures using the default template
fracture generate fracture-count 400
;Assign groups to fractures
fracture group 'large' slot 'size' range fish mylarge
fracture group 'small' slot 'size' range fish mylarge not
;Assign a group 'to' the DFN
fracture dfn-group 'my_dfn'
program return