fracture set-property command


fracture set-property keyword ...

Primary keywords:

dfn    fracture    zone

Assign properties in objects that intersect fractures.


Property names must match exactly; no keyword-type matching is used.

For each object, the fracture that intersects it with the lowest dominance is selected. Any property contained in that fracture is matched against the properties accepted by the object. See the fracture property command for how to assign properties to fractures. In addition, if the properties joint-normal-x, joint-normal-y, joint-normal-z are discovered, then those properties are assigned based on the fracture orientation. The properties joint-dip and joint-dip-direction are checked if the previous ones are not found.

dfn <range>

Scan all fracture networks in the range. By default, all fracture networks are scanned.

fracture <range>

Use the range as a filter on all fractures within each fracture network. By default, all fractures in each fracture network are checked.

zone <range>

Assign properties to the mechanical constitutive models of all zones in the range. This is the only type of object available at this time, sot the zone keyword must be given.