Movie Options


About Movie Settings

Any open plot in the program can be used to generate the source files (movie output bitmaps) for a movie. This section provides a one-stop listing of all currently available plots (the image at left, for instance, shows a list of five plots currently open in the program that may be made into a movie). Each individual plot has a “movie” setting on its view settings (use the View Settings button ( vs ) on the Plot Items control set to access these) that can be set as well. Note the first five settings of this Movie group are global; changes to any of these values will be applied for all plots that are set to generate movie output.

Movie Interval
Set the number of steps that should elapse before each frame capture.
Bitmap Type
Set the bitmap file format to use for the captures.
Image Size X (and Y)
Specify the dimensions of the captures, in pixels (x = width; y = height).
Specify a string that will be prepended to the file name of each capture file.
List all the available plots. Individual plots are selected to be made into movies using their check boxes; the Index field is used to specify the starting point for numbering the captured frame files. All captured bitmap files are placed in the current project directory.