Keyboard Reference

Mouse-click modifiers in Selection mode:
  • Shift: Hide by color.
  • Control: Invert selection state by color.
  • Alt: Select single object.
  • Shift+Alt: Hide a single object.
  • Control+Alt: Invert selection state of a single object.
  • Control+Alt+Shift: Disambiguate to select or hide by group.

Shift+drag: Creates a rectangle to hide objects.

Control+right-click: Shows a context menu to change the displayed data type.

Alt+mousewheel: First-person navigation mode.

Keyboard operations:

Key Function
Backspace Clear the current selection.
Delete Deletes the current selection.
Esc Cancel the current mode.
A Show all.
D Disambiguate to select or hide, by color, the object(s) the mouse pointer is hovering over.
G Show the range dialog.
H Hide by color.
Control+K Skin the model.
L Refers to the current selection: Shift+L = Hide the Selection; Control+Shift+L = Show Selection Only; Control+Alt+L = Zoom to Selection (the button in the View Shift control set).
O Puts the mouse in Select mode.
Alt+O Shows the drop-down menu in the tool bar.
Shift+O Execute the default action.
S Select faces by planarity for the face the mouse is hovering over.
Control+S Toggle face selection by planarity for the face the mouse is over.
Shift+S Hide faces by planarity for the face the mouse is over.

Also see the View Manipulation Quick Reference.