There are several ways to select objects in the Model pane.


Most simply, by clicking an object, all the related objects of that color become selected. The coloring scheme you use determines which objects get selected. The Objects control set provides controls for changing the color scheme.

While showing zones, you can choose to color by group, uniform, or model. When coloring by group, the slot you choose will affect coloring.

While showing zones faces, a combination of the Show, Color By, and Slot (or Skin Slot) attributes will determine the coloring of faces.


If you hold the Alt key down while clicking, only the single clicked object gets selected, regardless of the color scheme.

Control+Click, Control+Alt+Click

Holding the Control key down while you click will cause the selection state of the clicked object(s) to invert.


Holding down the Control, Alt, and Shift keys while clicking an object will cause the disambiguator to appear. You can select objects by group using the disambiguator dialog.


The disambiguator tool (disambiguator) in the tool bar puts the mouse into a mode where a mouse click on an object will show a dialog listing all the slot & group assignments for the object. You can choose which objects to select by group.

You can also hover the mouse over an object and press the “D” key to show the disambiguator.

Context Menu

The context menu has a “Select…” command for selecting the object(s) that you right-click.


Range dialogs are available through the Range control set and through the “Use a Range…” command in the context menu. You can select and deselect objects by using a range.

Select Faces by Plane

Zone faces can be selected by using the toolbar, where you can set a break angle to define a plane. A tool button (selectbyseed) will put the mouse into a mode where you can click a face to select all the faces contiguous in the same plane. Control+clicking will invert this type of selection.

You can also hover the mouse over an object and press the “S” key or Control+S to select or invert the selection state.