Handling Plot Items

Operations on plot items that have been added to the plot are described here. See below for further information on additional operations.

Click showitem next to the item’s name in the i Plot Items control set to toggle display/hiding of the item.
Select the item in the plot items list, and press the deleteitem button or right-click and choose delete.
Click the moveitem button to the right of the item’s name and move it upward or downward to the desired position.
Select the item on the list, then right-click and choose cut. This operation puts the cut object on the clipboard, so it is available to paste elsewhere (see note below).
Select the item on the list, then press copyitem or right-click and choose copy.
Perform a copy first, per above. Then press pasteitem or right-click and choose paste. If using the right-click, perform the mouse click below the “Legend” plot item if possible; pasting on another listed plot item is not allowed.
Set Attributes
Select the plot item on the list. Then either edit the attribute(s) of interest in the “Attributes” section below the list, or right-click and pick Set Attributes…. When using the former approach, each attribute change triggers a re-rendering of the plot. In the latter case, the dialog accepts multiple changes and re-rendering does not occur until either OK or Apply are pressed. In cases where rendering time is significant, this latter approach is probably preferable.


Plot items can be cut-copied-pasted between plots. Cutting, therefore, is a mechanism for moving a plot item from one plot to another.

Complex Plot Item Controls

Nearly all plot items will have an associated cutplane, clipbox, and range. These are all operated via the i Plot Items control set. The controls provide the ability to cut the plot item to “see into” it or to filter the item to a subset of its parts (e.g., a range of zones rather than all the zones in a zone plot item).

Details on usage for each of these is provided in the topic on the i Plot Items control set.