polygons attribute

Specify how polygons are to be displayed.

Polygons: A container for settings that control how polygons are rendered. Open this control for additional settings as follows.

Fill: Render the plot item filled when checked. If unchecked, only the wireframe is rendered.

Outline: Sets whether to display object outlines, with additional settings to control color and width of outlines.

Out Trans.: Set outline transparency (0 = fully opaque; 100 = invisible).

Lighting: sets whether or not to render the item with a light source located over the viewer’s right shoulder; this causes the parts of the item closest to the source to appear brighter than those parts further away.

Offset: sets the settings for the OpenGL polygon offset; in the event of poor rendering of polygons, setting these values close to zero may improve performance (the first value is a factor that specifies a scale factor to create a variable depth offset for each polygon, the second value is used to create a constant depth offset).


In some cases the Polygons field may appear within a containing plot item attribute. If so, it is often followed within the container by the Cut-Line attribute (see the standard cut-line control for details).