Tensors (Zone) Plot Item


Show zone tensor data for stress or strain. The first few attributes of this plot item are contingent on the first attribute (Type).




Select which zone tensor to plot.

Type: select from: “Stress”, “Strain Rate”, “Strain Increment”.


Select the scalar value to pull from the tensor for display. Additional attribute fields are supplied as needed; these are noted in the table below.

Table 1: Selection Options for Valueᴬ
Uniformⁿ Max Shear XY
Orderˡ Determinant XZ
Minimum 2nd Dev Invariant YZ
Intermediate XX Total Measure
Maximum YY 2nd Invariant
Pressure ZZ  
ᴬAll but “Uniform” and “Order” are supplied with a “Contour” attribute
ⁿNo additional attribute field is supplied
ˡA “Color-List” attribute is supplied


The attribute appearing in this position is either a Color-List or a Contour, depending on the “Color By” selection. Refer to the standard color-list control description and the standard contour control description for details.



Scale the item. See the standard scale control description for details.



Set properties of the line used for the item outline. See the standard line control description for details.

Max Num.


Set the maximum number of items to render.

Max Num.: set the number.



Specify that every nᵗʰ zone should be skipped when generating tensors to render.

Skip: set the skip value.



Map the item to new model coordinates. See the standard map control description for details.



Set the deformation factor. See the standard def-fac control description for details.



Set the transparency of the plot item. See the standard transparency control description for details.



Set item labeling in the plot legend. See the standard legend control description for details.