Plot Pane Toolbar

When a i Plot pane is active, the toolbar appears as below.

view pane toolbar image
Table 1: Tools Available on the View Pane Toolbar
Icon Command Description/Comment
exec Execute/Stop toggle Execute or stop cycling; see the “Toolbar” topic for more information.
newp New Plot Create a new plot in a new view pane in the active window.
refp Regenerate Plot Redraw the current plot to reflect the current model data, whether those data have changed or not.
savp Save… Save the current plot; opens a Save dialog if the plot has not previously been saved.
saap Copy Plot Create a duplicate of the current plot in a new view.
prin Print Plot… Open a Print dialog to send the current plot to a printer.
expp Export Open a fly-out menu to select a file type to export the current plot (the choices are Bitmap, Data file, DXF, VMRL, PostScript, SVG, and Excel). The Excel option will export an Excel table if used on a History, Table, or Profile plot item.
opts Options Show the global view settings in the Options dialog.
mmse Select(1) Put the left mouse button in “Select” mode, which is used to pick a plot item within the view. Picking an item makes it the active item in the Plot Items control set.
mmqu Query(1) Put the left mouse button in this mode, which is used to query a model object (ball, contact, etc.) for information when clicked.
mmce Center(1) Put the left mouse button in this mode, which is used to set the center point of the current plot to the location where the mouse is clicked.
mmme Measure Distance(1) Put the left mouse button in this mode, which uses a two-click point method to measure distances on the current plot.
mmpl Define Plane(1) Put the left mouse button in this mode, which uses a three-click point method to define a plane on the current plot.
cont Show/Hide Control Panel Toggle display of the Control Panel.
cset Show/Hide Control Sets This button is a pull-down that lists the available control sets for this pane type. Select an unchecked item to display it in the control panel; select a checked item to hide it.


  1. The tools in this group are mouse modes. See the topic “Mouse Modes” for information. In any mode, the right mouse button is used to perform view manipulations (magnify, pan, rotate, etc.).