DFN Distance


This filter element defines a filter based on the distance of the plot item from a selected discrete fracture network (DFN). To use, specify the desired DFN(s) from the list provided in the Fracnetwork attribute (this will be empty if there are no DFNs in the model; see the fracture import command). The Distance attribute specifies the part(s) of the plot item to include, based on their distance from the DFN. The distance to the nearest point on the DFN is used for this determination.


Not: Invert the filter element’s selection.

Extent: If checked, only include the item if its entire extent fits within this filter element’s definition. If not checked, the item’s centroid is used to determine the location of the item and whether it is within the filter element’s definition.

Distance: Specify the distance to use as a tolerance; objects within that tolerance are selected.

Use Aperture: If checked, the aperture of the DFN fractures is considered when determining distance (i.e., the plot item object will be included by the filter if the distance between it and the fracture is less than the distance setting minus the aperture setting).

Fracnetwork: Select the geometry set(s) to use, from among those listed.