Interactive Use

Create Filter: With the cursor indicating that create mode is active ( cur_create ), draw an ellipse (left-click and drag) around the area to be included by the filter element. After use, the cursor will switch to reset mode.


This actually specifies an extruded circle that extends indefinitely (in parallel mode) or to a vanishing point (in perspective mode). When first created, only the red line indicating the drawn extent is shown. If the current view settings are moved, this extrusion is rendered transparently; the red line indicates the position of the object on the original view plane. The vanishing point (in perspective mode) indicates the original eye position when the ellipse was drawn.

Reset Filter: Clear the existing filter element when the cursor indicates reset mode ( cur_reset ) by holding the Shift key and left-clicking anywhere in the View pane. After use, the cursor will switch to indicate create mode is active. Left-clicking without holding the Shift key will do nothing.


Not: Invert the filter element’s selection.

Extent: If checked, only include the item if its entire extent fits within this filter element’s definition. If not checked, the item’s centroid is used to determine the location of the item and whether it is within the filter element’s definition.