Help Menu


Figure 1: The Help menu.

Help and Documentation
Open the program documentation. This will go to the front page for the program currently in use. Note the documentation for each of FLAC3D, 3DEC, and PFC are provided in their entirety.
Contextual Help
Press the F1 key at any time to show documentation for the current context as determined by the program. This may be an active window, a command in the console, or a selected control in the UI, for instance. Pressing F1 when the cursor is in a command—in either the Console pane or in a data file in an Editor pane—will open the documentation to the specific command or keyword under the cursor.
Open a dialog that allows the user to select and open any of the example projects (and all the files that make up the project) that are supplied with program and described in this documentation.

Open a submenu with the following entries.

Specify License Location …
Specify where the code looks for a license when required. This item calls a dialog for setting this information.
Show Claimed Licenses…
This menu item calls a simple dialog that displays all licenses (if any) currently claimed by the code.
Request License Change…
To change/upgrade a license—to perform any alteration to the existing license, e.g., new version, extend lease, add option, and so on—use this dialog to generate a file describing the current license and storage. The generated file (a *.req file) must be sent to Itasca, in return for which Itasca sends a new *.lic file that is used, with the “Apply License Change …” option, to execute the license change.
Apply License Change…
When a *.lic file is received from Itasca for the purpose of changing/upgrading the license, use this tool to apply the *.lic file to perform the license change/upgrade.
Open a fly-out with the options “About [program],” “About Itasca,” and “About Qt.”