FISH Callback Events

FISH functions may be called from several places in the FLAC3D program while it is executing. The fish callback is used to manage registering FISH functions with specific callback events.

Attaching a FISH function to a callback event causes the FISH function to be executed by FLAC3D, either at a fixed point in the cycle sequence or in response to a specific event. The cycle points can be listed with the program list cycle-sequence command, and a subset of the available events is given here.

One can list the set of FISH functions registered with callback events via the fish list callbacks command.

The fish callback command can be given with the remove keyword to un-register FISH functions. For example:

fish callback remove xxx 11.0

removes the association between function xxx and cycle point 11.0. Note that a FISH function may be associated twice (or more) with the same cycle point. In this case, it will be called twice (or more). The remove keyword will remove only one instance of the FISH function.