global name <=expression> <, name2 <=expression>> …

Explicitly create a global symbol name, if one does not already exist. By default, this is done by FISH automatically when an unrecognized name is encountered on an assignment. If fish automatic-create off is used, then global must be used to explicitly create global symbols. Setting fish automatic-create off is highly recommended when creating large and complex FISH code.

The symbol can optionally be initialized to a value given by an expression.

If the symbol already exists, no error will occur. If an initializer expression is given, the existing symbol will be assigned the new value.

Any number of symbols may be created an initialized following the global statement, delimited by commas.

The following are examples of the FISH global statments:

global fred
global george = 2.0
global mary = math.pi, sue = 3.0, freya