When they appear in commands, the tokens color, text, line, and range are shorthand designations for code blocks where there are multiple valid ways to supply the necessary keyword/value information for the command.

color Token

Command reference information for the color token is as follows.

color keyword

Note color appears as an option within line and text (described below). Each formulation of color begins with “color” (compare this with the text, where it is not necessary to prepend “text” before the keywords). The acceptable command formulations for a color token are as follows.


where s is a valid color name (see table below). In addition, any of the keywords defined in the list of SVG color keyword names (available online at may be used.


specifies a color in RGB space where RR, GG, and BB are two-digit hex codes (for instance colFFFFFF is white and col000000 is black).

rgb ir ig ib

specifies a color in RGB space where ir ig ib are integers in the range of 0 to 255 (for instance rgb 0 0 0 is black and rgb 255 255 255 is white).

hsv ih is iv

specifies a color in HSV space where ih is an integer from 0 to 359, and is and iv are integers from 0 to 255 (for instance hsv 0 0 0 is black and hsv 0 0 255 is white).

Table 1: Valid Color Names
black darkgray gray lightgray white
blue green cyan red pink
purple orange yellow skyblue seagreen
cardinal violet peach brown olive
teal gold lightblue darkblue xlightpurple
lightpurple darkpurple lightviolet darkviolet xlightpink
lightpink darkpink xlightred lightred darkred
lightorange darkorange lightpeach darkpeach xlightgold
lightgold darkgold xlightyellow lightyellow darkyellow
xlightgreen lightgreen darkgreen lightcyan darkcyan
xlightskyblue lightskyblue darkskyblue xlightolive lightolive
darkolive lightbrown darkbrown lightseagreen darkseagreen
lightcardinal darkcardinal lightteal darkteal  

line Token

Command reference information for the line token is as follows.

line keyword

In all cases (??) the line token is used by the PLOT command.

color color

Specifies the color of the line with a color token (see above).

active b

Turns on or off line rendering.

style keyword

Specifes the line style. The valid options are: none solid dash dot dashdot dashdotdot.

width i

Specifies the width of the line. This value must be between 0 and 10. A value of 0 indicates the smallest possible line (1 pixel).

text Token

Command reference information for the text keyword is as follows.

text keyword

The text token takes multiple keywords. One or more of these keywords may supplied when a text token is provided. However, not all of the keywords are available in all contexts.

color color

Specifies the color of the text with a color token (see above).

family s

Specifies the name of the font family (for instance, “Arial” or “Times New Roman”). (Note that underscores must be used in place of spaces in the name.)

active :lbool:`b`

Turns on or off rendering of text.

size i

Specifies the height of the text font used. This value is context-dependent.

style keyword

Specifies the font style. The valid options are: normal bold italic bolditalic.

text s

Specifies the text to use (in place of the default).

range Token

See here for the list of range keywords.