m := map(<a1><,a2><,a3><,a4>...)

Create a new map type.

How the map is created and initialized depends on the type passed as an argument, if any.
  • If no argument is given, then a blank (empty) map is created.
  • If a structure is given, then a map is created with keys matching the structure member names, and values that have the member values.
  • If two lists are given as two arguments, then the first list is used to create keys and the second list is used to create values. The lists must be of the same length.
  • Otherwise, if general arguments are given in pairs they are used to initialize the map in key/value pairs.

m - A newly created map.


a1 - Struct used to make map, list used to make keys, or first key

a2 - list used to make values, or first value

a3 - second key

a4 - second value, …