sret = system.clone(s<,i><,b>)

A new instance of the code is launched, and the contents of s is passed to it as command line arguments. Output sent to stdout during execution is collected and returned in the string sret.

By default the process spawned will run synchronously, and the code will wait 30 seconds before killing the process and continuing. If the optional argument i is provided, it indicates the number of seconds to wait before stopping. If i is 0, the process will be launched independently and the function will return immediately. If i is less than 0, then the function will wait indefinitely.

If the optional third argument b is provided, then the exit code is examined and an error is signaled if it indicates the code did not shut down without an error. The default value is false. Note that error codes are always indicated in the output of the process.

Returns:sret - the contents sent to stdout during processing of s.
Arguments:s - String sent to the os as a command. i - Optional timing limit to the process. b - Optional error indicator.