geometry node export command


geometry node export s <keyword ...> <range>

Primary keywords:

binary    format    set

Export geometry nodes data. Nodes are output to the file with name s. The default file type is the Itasca geometry format, and the range applies to nodes. STL format does not have ability to store nodes, should be not used here. If the set keyword is not given, then the current set is used.


Indicate that the binary version of the file format should be used for export. This is not valid with DXF export.

format keyword

Specify the file format to use for export. The default will be selected based on the file name extension.


AutoCAD DXF format with file extension “.dxf.”


Itasca geometry format with file extentsion “.geom.” This is the default format, and is described in Geometry Text File Format.

set s

Specify the geometry set.