plot copy command


plot <s > copy <sDest > <keyword>

Primary keywords:

both    items    settings

The plot is copied to the plot named sDest. If a plot name s is not specified, the current plot is assumed. If sDest does not already exist, a new plot will be created with that name. Otherwise the existing plot with that name will be overwritten. If the plot sDest is not specified, a new plot will be created and assigned a default name.

The optional keywords settings, items and both determine whether the plot settings, the plot-item list, or both are copied. The default is both. If a new plot is created, it is made the active plot. Note that the plot settings include the current camera view settings.


Both the plot items in the plot, and the plot settings, are copied to the destination. This is the default option.


Only the list of plotitems is copied to the destination.


Only the current plot settings are copied to the destination.