plot load command


plot load keyword

Primary keywords:


attempts to load one or more user-defined plot item DLLs. If successful, these plot items will be available in the GUI for plotting.

The following options are available:


will automatically attempt to load all compatible DLLS found in the exe64pluginsplotitem3d directory (and subdirectories) of the installation directory. The DLLs must follow the naming convention “plotitem3dname005.dll”, where “name” is the unique name of the plotitem.


will attempt to load the plotitem DLL named s. If not a fully qualified path name the code will search the plugins directory exe64pluginsplotitem3d, the current directory, and the project directory.

The file name of the DLL must follow the convention “plotitem3dname005.dll”. You can either specify the full file name, or the string “name” will be auto expanded into the standard convention.