model save command


model save s <keyword>

Save all model-state information. The file s is created and, if no extension is provided, the extension is set to “.sav”. This information includes any defined FISH functions/variables, histories, tables, and other model components.

The inputdir and localdir keywords can be place after s to specify the location of the save file relative to the calling file or the project file.

A saved model state can be re-activated via the model restore command.


Automatically compresses the save file after creation. This takes additional time, but can remove up to 75% of the file on disk. The file will be automatically uncompressed on restore.


If a save file that was previously compressed is over-written, it will be automatically compressed again. Use this option to suppress that and save an uncompressed file over it.


If the optional readonly keyword is used, the save file is marked as read only. If restored, the model will be restricted from cycling and certain other modifications.


If the optional text keyword is used, the save file will be output as a Unicode text file in JSON format. Note that this will significantly increase both the size of the file and the amount of time required to save and restore the model. This option is incompatible with the readonly and compress keywords.