program automatic-model-save command


program automatic-model-save keyword ...

Sets value controlling automatic safe file creating during cycling. This is intended as a safety feature to prevent having to start a lengthy run over in the event of a power failure or program crash.

If the accumulated cycling time since the last save creation goes above the specified interval, a model save state (compressed) is created automatically. This file is given a unique file name. On normal program shutdown, this file is also automatically deleted. Once created, the same file is overwritten for each new save unless the current directory changes, in which case the old file is deleted and a new file created.

These values are part of the program state. They are not saved or restored with the model or the project. Tey persists across multiple code executions on the current hardware. The default value after code installation is to make a save file 4 hours in the current directory.

These values are available in the user interface in Tools/Options/General.

active b

Turns automatic model saves during cycling on and off.

interval fi

Sets the time interval (in hours) for automatic model save creation during cycling. The time value must be between 0 and 24.

If the value is set to 0, this will also automatically set active off.

If the value is set to non-zero, this will also automatically set active on.

directory s

Set the directory the automatically saved file will be placed in. If this is a relative path, this will be relative to the current directory. By default this string is empty, indicating the file will be saved in the current directory.