Keyboard Reference

This is a list of keyboard operations related to the Building Blocks pane.

Key Function
Space or Control+Space Show a pop-up property editor for the current selection.
Backspace Clear the current selection.
Tab When the Building Blocks pane has input focus and the handle is visible, Tab moves focus to the Ref. Point fields in the Object Properties control set (if visible).
Return/Enter Accepts the currently proposed block.
Up Arrow, Page Up, Left Arrow Scrolls up in the list of proposed blocks.
Down Arrow, Page Down, Right Arrow Scrolls down in the list of proposed blocks.
Shift+{Up or Down Arrow} When doing point-to-point snapping to geometry, scrolls through geometry layers.
Delete Deletes blocks or control points.
Alt+click Reposition the handle without moving selected objects.
Alt+mousewheel First-person navigation mode.
Control or Shift Modifies selection behavior
Shift Modifies handle behavior; toggles the display of snap targets in Split Blocks mode.
Shift+click Can do point-to-point movement/snapping.
Shift+3 Toggles the Show Surfaces mode on and off.
Esc Cancel the current mode/operation.
A Show all the blocks.
Control+A Edit —> Select All selects all body points, control points on an edge, edges, faces or blocks depending on the current seed selection type.
B Converts a face selection to a block selection.
C Enter Control Point mode.
Control+C Edit —> Copy copies selected blocks from the current set to the clipboard.
Control+Shift+C Edit —> Copy Information copies the text from the Information control set and displays it in a small window.
D Add one block.
F1 Show help for the Building Blocks pane.
Shift+L Hide the selected blocks.
Control+Alt+L Zoom to selection.
Control+Shift+L Show only the selected blocks.
P Switch between parallel and perspective rendering mode.
S Switch between surface and deep selection.
T Split one block.
Control+V Edit —> Paste copies blocks from the clipboard into the current set.
W Toggle wireframe visibility in the geometric data set.
Control+X Edit —> Cut removes selected blocks from the set and places them onto the clipboard.
Control+Z Edit —> Undo undoes the last command.

Also see the View Manipulation Quick Reference.