building-blocks edge id command


building-blocks edge id i keyword

Primary keywords:

control-point    ratio    ratio-isolate    size    type

Modify the properties of an edge. In the current building block set the edge with ID i will be modified.

control-point keyword

Modify control points of the edge.

add v

Add a control point at the position defined by vector v. The position v must be on the edge within the tolerance (see building-blocks set tolerance).

delete i

Delete the control point defined by index i from the edge. Index i is a positive integer starting from 1.

move v index i

Move the control point defined by index i to new position defined by vector v .

rotate origin v_1 direction v_2 angle f indices i1 <i2 > <i3 > ...

Rotate control points of the edge defined by indices using an angle of rotation f (in degrees) around axis of rotation defined by the origin point v_1 and direction vector v_2.

translate v indices i1 <i2 > <i3 > ...

Translate control points identified by indices by adding v to each position.

ratio f

Specify a ratio size parameter f for zones on the edge. The ratio parameter f is a float number that must be between 0.1 and 10.0. When zones are generated from the blocks, the ratio defines zones relatively along the edge of the block. The size of each zone will be f of the previous zone length. The default value is 1.0 (uniform zones — same length).

Each time the ratio of an edge is changed, the changes are propagated to all face-connected opposite edges. If ratio-isolate is set to true the changes will not propagate from the edge; the default setting for this flag is false (meaning the ratio setting propagates).

ratio-isolate b

Set a flag to isolate ratio or factor assignments on an edge. If true then ratio/factor assignments do not propagate to all face-connected opposite edges. This setting is set to false by default.

size i

Specify the number of zones on an edge. The value of i must be positive (up to 1000). The default value is 3. When zones are generated from the building blocks set, all blocks attached to this edge will be have i zones along the direction defined by the edge.

Each time size of an edge is changed, the changes are propagated to face-connected opposite edges.

type keyword

Specify the curve-type of the edge.


Specify an arc edge. An arc may have one control point only.


Specify a spline edge.


Specify a polyline edge (this is the default type).