FLAC3D Modeling • Problem Solving with FLAC3D

Project Completion

Upon “completion” of a project, there are several steps that should generally be taken.

Make certain your project file is saved and includes any and all plot views that were used to generate important images.

Then, using the Tools ‣ Bundle ‣ Pack menu option, create a project archive bundle. This creates a single file that includes the project file, all data files, and the state record from all save states. This file does not include the save states themselves, as they would in general be quite large.

If your available storage permits, archiving at least one save state representing the final result of your model can save a lot of computation time, if going back to these results are necessary.

Lastly, if you want to be certain to be able to recover the exact model results, archive the FLAC3D installation version you used to run the model. Future updates may change results, especially for models that exhibit strong sensitivity to changes in initial conditions.

We strongly recommended that the project bundle and the exact version number of FLAC3D used to create the model (if not an actual copy of the installation files) be stored along with any report or other final products from your project.