position command


extrude block position v2 keyword

Primary keywords:

cycle    group    multiplier    split

Modify a block by position. The block containing point v2 (2D vector coordinates) is modified.

cycle keyword

The command only applies to regular 3-sided blocks.

Cycle the edge assignments of the block, effectively rotating the orientation of the block in either a counterclockwise or clockwise direction. This command is used to change the corner where wedge zones will be created.


Cycle counter-clockwise.


Cycle clockwise.

group s1 <slot s2 > <remove>

Assign the group name s1 in slot s2 (if supplied) to the block. The block is removed from the group/slot if remove is present. The slot is Default if not supplied.

multiplier f

The command only applies to regular (3- or 4-sided) blocks.

Set the zone multiplier to f.

split <tolerance-merge f >

The command only applies to regular (3- or 4-sided) blocks.

Split the regular block at v2 (2D coordinate vector). If a location is not provided, then the block will be split at the centroid. If supplied, tolerance-merge specifies the tolerance for merging points during splitting (that is, when new blocks are created from the split operation, any two points within tolerance-merge will be merged automatically to one point).

See Also: extrude block id