quad-weight command


extrude mesh quad-weight f

Specify weight on quadrilaterals 0 ≤ f ≤ 1 for the unstructured mesher. The default value is 0.75.

This parameter controls the trade-off between a higher ratio of quads and a better mesh with more triangles.

  • With f = 0, quadrilaterals are never used.
  • With f = 0.5, quadrilaterals are used only when they improve the quality of the mesh (when a quadrilateral is better than two triangles).
  • For 0.5 < f < 1, quadrilaterals are more and more used even if this lead to a lesser global quality of the mesh.
  • With f = 1, the minimum number of triangles is used to get a valid mesh (it may be of poor quality).

The default value (0.75) gives a significant preference to the quad / triangle ratio over the mesh quality.