ep := extrude.set.edge.combine(sp,ee,f1<,f2>)

Combines a set of edges into a single curved edge ep. The function searches for all edges connected to edge ee. The search stops if more than one edge is connected to an end point of the previous edge (bifurcation) or if the angle between previous and next edges exceeds specified break-angle limit f1. All found edges are then combined into a single curved edge with a number of control points on it. Optional parameter f2 specifies the tolerance with wich new curved edge will resemble the outline of old set of edges (smaller value = more control points = better resemblance). Edges which are part of a block cannot be combined.


ep - new curved edge pointer


sp - extrude set pointer

ee - starting edge pointer

f1 - break angle with 0 \(\le\) f1 \(\le\) 90

f2 - tolerance with 0.001 \(\le\) f2 \(\le\) 0.999