Undoing Operations

Actions in the Extrusion pane can be undone using the “Undo” command available on the Edit Menu or by the keystroke command Ctrl + Z.

The “Undo” command will undo the last FLAC3D command(s) issued by the interface. All user interface actions affecting the model are “transcribed” into FLAC3D commands. Using “Undo” actually returns to the point of the last project save, project restore, or project new command and reruns all commands that have been issued, up to the last one — the one that is the target of the undo command. There are cases where a single “Undo” will “erase” more than one line from the command record. Conversely, because some single actions in the user interface require two (or more, even) FLAC3D commands to complete, “Undo” may have to be used twice (or more) to erase the last user interface action. Note that “Undo” is not limited to commands issued in the Extrusion pane; however, if successive uses cause it to “backtrack” to operations performed in other panes (the Console pane, for instance), it will not change the currently active pane when it does so.

When an Undo command will take longer than 15 seconds (by default), a warning dialog will appear and provide the option to cancel the operation. The default limit may be changed/set by providing a new value in the “Undo Warning Limit (seconds)” field in the “General” panel of the Options dialog.

There are limitations to the application of the undo command. For complete information on the use of the command, its limitations and other considerations, see UNDO in the Command Reference section.


Pressing the ESC key will take the mouse out of whatever mode it is in, even in the middle of dragging points or edges, and put it in Select (selecttool) mode.