zone results command


zone results

Primary keywords:

active    apply    attach    displacements    extra    forces    groups    interfaces    model-fluid    model-mechanical    model-thermal    pore-pressure    range    saturation    stresses    temperatures    velocities    water

Controls if and what values are saved from zones in an exported results file. See the model results export command. By default zones values are active. The values being exported by default are stresses, groups, and displacements.

active b

Controls if any zone values will be exported.

apply b

applied conditions at zones and zone faces.

attach b

all attach condition information

displacements b

displacement vectors at gridpoints

extra b

all extra variables at zones and gridpoints

forces b

unbalanced force information at gridpoints, including the last local force ratio.

groups b

Group assignments to zones, faces, and gridpoints

interfaces b

all interface information

model-fluid b

all fluid constitutive model information

model-mechanical b

all mechanical constitutive model information

model-thermal b

all thermal constitutive model information

pore-pressure b

pore pressure values at gridpoints

range <range>

Specifies a range used to filter which zones are included in a results file export. This range is saved and restored as part of the model state. Note that this facility is still somewhat experimental, and there may be issues if zone-dependent features like attach, apply, etc. are also included in a results export.

saturation b

saturation values at gridpoints

stresses b

average stresses in each zone. Note that the internal tetra stresses are never exported.

temperatures b

temperature values at gridpoints

velocities b

velocity vectors at gridpoints

water b

all water table information.