zone gridpoint import command


zone gridpoint import pore-pressure sfile <keyword ...> <range>

Primary keywords:

cutoff    geometry    translate

Imports grid point data.

Currently the only option available is to import pore pressure values in the format exported by MineDW in an *.mdp file. Only grid points in the range specified are assigned pore pressures, and grid points that fall outside of all MineDW zones are skipped.

The following keywords are available to modify how the pore pressures are assigned.

cutoff f

Pore pressure values are not allowed to fall below this cutoff value. The default cutoff value is 0.0.


If this keyword is given, then geometric data representing the MineDW nodes and zones will be created in a geometric set named MineDW. Nodes and edges are created only. The first extra variable of the node will be assigned the pore pressure value

translate v

If this keyword is used, the node locations in the file will be translate by the specified vector on import. The default value is (0,0,0).