zone interface group command


zone interface <s > group s <keyword> <range>

Primary keywords:

remove    slot

Add group name s to the interfaces in the range. Use of the group logic is described in Groups. This command may take the form zone interface "slotname = groupname" — quotation marks required, spaces at equals sign ignored — where slotname is the slot assignment and groupname is the group name.

An interface may belong to many groups in different slots, up to a maximum of 128. The group range element can be used to select objects by group name.

If an interface name s is given the command is applied only to that interface, otherwise the command is applied to all interfaces in the optional range.

The following optional keywords are available:


Remove s from the interfaces. If a slot is not specified, the group name is removed from all slots it is found in.

slot s

Assign the group to the slot named s. The default slot name is Default.