i = zone.state(z,bavg)
zone.state(z) = i

Get/set the current plasticity state indicators for the zone.

Tetrahedral subzones comprise a zone in FLAC3D, and each of them has a member variable that maintains its failure state. The member variable has 64 bits that can be used to represent 64 different states. Each constitutive model defines its own list of states, and its own assignment of state names to bits in the state variable. For convenience, however, a convention has been adopted for the most common states. The following table lists failure states and the convention adopted by many of the constitutive models.

Failure States Value Label
Failure in shear now 1 shear-n
Failure in tension now 2 tension-n
Failure in shear in the past 4 shear-p
Failure in tension in the past 8 tension-p
Failure in joint shear now 16 j-shear-n
Failure in joint tension now 32 j-tension-n
Failure in joint shear in the past 64 j-shear-p
Failure in joint tension in the past 128 j-tension-p
Failure in volume now 256 volume-n
Failure in volume in the past 512 volume-p

The states supported by a constitutive model can be listed with the zone cmodel list state command.

The math.and and math.or intrinsics may be used to check against a specific bit or bit pattern.


i - the plasticity state indicators, encoded as bits


i - the plasticity state indicator, encoded as bits. All tetra in the zone will be assigned this state indicator.


z - a zone pointer

bavg - if true, the bit will be set if 50% or more of the volume averaged tetra have that bit set. If false, the bit will be set if any tetra in the zone have that bit set. This value is ignored on assignment.