clump delete command


clump delete <keyword> <range>

Primary keywords:

clumps    pebbles

Delete clumps and/or pebbles. If neither the clump nor pebble keywords are given, then clumps are deleted.


Delete clumps.


Delete pebbles from clumps. The clumps no longer refer to clump templates (see the clump template command). Clumps without pebbles are deleted.

Usage Examples

Delete all clumps.

clump delete

Delete all clumps that are identified as not being within the area of interest defined by the FISH function inBlender.

clump delete range fish inBlender not

from “BlenderClumps.dat” in Ribbon Blender

Delete all clumps below the plane defined in the range.

clump delete range plane origin (-671.673,780.009,620.539) ...
                   normal (0.220853,-0.560137,0.798418) below