block apply command


block apply keyword <range>

Primary keywords:

velocity    velocity-x    velocity-y    velocity-z

Apply a velocity to a rigid block. Velocities are applied to the centroids of rigid blocks. The range over which the item is applied can be limited by providing a range.

velocity v <[blockapplyblock]>

Set constant velocity in the \(x\)-, \(y\)-, and \(z\)-directions to v.

velocity-x f <[blockapplyblock]>

Set constant velocity in the \(x\)-direction.

velocity-y f <[blockapplyblock]>

Set constant velocity in the \(y\)-direction.

velocity-z f <[blockapplyblock]>

Set constant velocity in the \(z\)-direction.

block apply Keyword Block

The keywords below are applicable to each of the keywords of the block apply command:

fish s

The specified FISH symbol is used to provide a multiplier.

table s

Set the load multiplier from a multiplier given by the table create command. The table must consist of a list of pairs: time, f(time). Linear interpolation is performed between the given discrete points.