Index: 3DEC FISH Functions

Base 3DEC FISH Functions

Sets of FISH functions appear in two lists below: common (used by 3DEC, FLAC3D, and PFC) functions and functions built into the FISH language appear on the left. Function groups specific to 3DEC appear on the right.

Common/Built-In FISH Functions

3DEC-specific Functions

c array utilities

c block functions - includes:


      c contact

c dfn functions

      c subcontact

c domain functions

      c face

c file utilities

      c gridpoint

c geometry functions

      c zone

c global utilities

      c zone.field

c io utilities

      c fblock

c list utilities

c flow functions - includes:

c mail utilities

      c flowknot

c map utilities

      c flowplane

c math utilities

      c flowplane.vertex

c matrix utilities


c memory utilities

c process utilities

c socket utilities

c string utilities

c structure utilities

c system utilities

c table functions

c tensor utilities

c time utilities

c type utilities

User-Defined Data — includes:

      c label functions

      c scalar functions

      c tensor functions

      c vector functions

c version utilities

See the comprehensive list to find any function that appears in this documentation.