Command Entry in the Console

Commands are typed literally at the command prompt.


Figure 1: The command prompt in FLAC3D. The text label of the prompt indicates the program in use (FLAC3D, FLAC2D, PFC3D, PFC2D, or 3DEC).

After entry, output from the command, if any, is shown in the console area above the command prompt.


Commands may be shortened to their first few letters. See Command Abbreviation for details. Remember, a single input line, including comments, may contain any number of characters. Commands have no character limit (short of computer memory limits).


Press up and down arrow keys ( and ) to track through the list of previously issued commands. Up traverses the list of commands going back; down traverses going forward.

Inline Help

The button ( ilhelp ) at the end of the prompt will access inline help. The topic Inline Help provides a complete description of the use of this tool. Inline help is also accessed by typing ctrl + spacebar anywhere in the prompt.

Keyboard & Mouse Commands

Text at the prompt may be selected and copied; text may be pasted into the prompt as well.

In the prompt, the keystrokes crtr + spacebar, F1, and ? will all access facilities described in the topic Command Tools.

Right-clicking with the mouse in the prompt provides options to: undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, delete, select all (as contextually appropriate).